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The Bulgari Serpenti is a luxurious and iconic collection of jewelry and accessories inspired by the serpent, an animal that has been a symbol of power, eternity, and seduction since ancient times. The collection features a variety of stunning pieces, including watches, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, all designed with exquisite attention to detail and crafted from the finest materials.

The present timepiece is a modern interpretation of the Bulgari Serpenti. In a stainless steel case and with a quartz movement, it’s an excellent watch for a special occasion. The overall condition is very good, the watch shows only some very light signs of wear.
This Bulgari Serpenti is accompanied by the original box and papers.

Year 2008.


Eberhard & Co. is a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1887 that has been producing luxury watches for more than a century. At the beginning of the 1950s, Eberhard & Co. introduced the chronograph Extra-fort a watch designed to be both elegant and durable. It was equipped with a fine 14 or 16 lines chronograph caliber, a beautiful 38-mm-diameter case, square pushers, and a snap caseback. The dial with raised indexes featured tachymeter scales in various shapes, as seen in vintage catalogs advertisements. The watches were made with high-quality materials and were built to last, featuring robust cases and precise movements. Those watches made by Eberhard often feature the distinctive “extra fort” (extra strong) inscription on the dial, which is a nod to their durability and reliability.

The present Eberhard & co Extrafort reference 1602 is an early example of the Extrafort chronograph model. Later Extrafort chronograph models were equipped with a smaller 14′ caliber. The present example, which is one of the earliest examples, is still equipped with a 16′ caliber, making it rarer and more collectible. The overall condition is very good, the case has deep hallmarks and sharp lines, the dial has developed a nice and charming yellowish patina over the years. The caliber is in good condition. All components are correct for the years of manufacture.

Year 1950 circa, 38mm diameter, Serial Number 156-482.


Juvenia was founded in 1869 by Jacques Didisheim. Mr Jacques dedicated the name of his business to his wife, naming the company with her name. Over the years, Juvenia has become one of the most important Swiss watchmaking brands. It has been making watches of remarkable quality since the early 1900s such as the Sextant, a watch inspired by the sextant, a navigational instrument used to measure the angular distance between two points. Another very famous Juvenia watch is the Arithmo. One of the most distinctive features of the Juvenia Arithmo is its complex dial, which displays not only the time but also various mathematical and scientific functions. The dial features a series of concentric circles and rotating discs, each with their own set of numerals and markers. This allows the wearer to perform complex calculations and measurements directly on the watch, without the need for additional tools or instruments.

This Arithmo is a very rare steel / gold example of this historic Juvenia wristwatch. The beauty and rarity of this watch is enhanced by the extremely unusual combination of steel and gold for the case. In fact, most Arithmo watches were made of stainless steel. This Arithmo is exceptionally well preserved, the case is crisp and sharp with inner and outer caseback engravings still clearly visible, the manual wind caliber is perfect, the dial is basically mint. The watch comes on a brown leather strap. Undoubtedly an excellent and extremely rare watch to add to a vintage watch collection.

Serial Number 169,XXX, Year circa 1950’s.


Chopard is a Swiss luxury watch and jewelry brand that has been in the business for over a century. Founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the brand has a rich history and is known for its exquisite designs and exceptional quality. From its early days as a small family-owned business to its current status as a global luxury brand, Chopard has remained committed to its values of innovation, craftsmanship, and ethical practices. One of the defining features of Chopard’s watches and jewelry is their attention to detail. Each piece is crafted with meticulous precision and the highest quality materials. This is also the case with this fantastic vintage lady’s jewel watch.

The present watch is the perfect example of how exquisite and fine Chopard ladies watches are. The watch is entirely in yellow gold, the dial is set with diamonds and is surrounded by a beautiful tortoise frame. The bracelet is made in a intricated gold texture showing the exceptional Chopard craftsmanship. The bracelet and case are marked Chopard and feature the 18kt gold marks. The overall condition is very good, the turtle frame is perfect with no cracks or damage, the bracelet has no flaws. The manual winding caliber is in good condition.

Year 80’s, Serial Number 47677, the watch measures 50x46mm.


Jaeger-LeCoultre has created some of the most beautiful and iconic watches of all time, and the Memovox is undoubtedly one of them. Jaeger-LeCoultre began producing the Memovox in the early 1950s, which featured a mechanical alarm and was advertised as a watch that “reminds, notifies and awakens”. The Memovox was produced in several versions, which differed in the material and design of the dials, the double crown has always been a typical feature of the Memovox. The crown for setting and winding the watch is located on the right side of the case at 4 o’clock, while the crown for the alarm function is located at 2 o’clock.

This is a beautiful example of the iconic Memovox automatic alarm watch by Jaeger-LeCoultre. The dial is in stunning condition, with a flawless gloss black dial with gilt minute track, alarm marker and text. The Applied logo at 12 o’clock and Dauphine hands are in steel, as are the hour markers. The elegance of the specimen is further emphasized by its beautiful original steel bracelet with JLC logo on the clasp. The case still maintains its original factory proportions. Exceptionally well preserved, the present Memovox is a great watch for any vintage collection.

Serial Number: 1016XXX