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The Rolex Daydate made its first appearance at the Basel Fair in 1956, an extraordinary novelty for the time, being the first automatic watch made of precious material with a waterproof case and equipped with a date and day of the week complication. Its success was immediate, a true icon of watchmaking was born, which can still be found in the modern version in the Rolex catalog almost 70 years after its presentation. In 1959, Rolex introduced an updated version of the Daydate: the reference 1800, with its main features being: a new caliber with 18,000 frequency and a slimmer and slender case. Also for the 1803, only precious materials such as gold and platinum were used for the case. The different bezel variants of the reference 1800 were identified by a digit at the end of the reference number : 1803 fluted, 1802 smooth, 1807 bark, etc. Over the years, the Daydate 1800 series will become the Daydate par excellence for Rolex enthusiasts.

This Rolex Day-Date 1803 is a truly stunning watch, notable for both its exceptional quality and its rare features, such as the no lume diamond dial and hands but also the bracelet. Its most special feature is undoubtedly the “Rivetti” bracelet, which is extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors. These “Rivetti” bracelets are exceptionally scarce and were mounted on both the reference 1803, as in this case, and the reference 1802, the Rolex Day-Date with a smooth bezel. In white gold, they were produced in extremely limited quantities, making this watch exceptionally special. The watch was made in 1970 and is in truly exceptional condition. The bezel still has sharp and well defined edges, the case has deep hallmarks and lugs that match the original factory proportions, the rare no lume diamond dial is in excellent like new condition, the 1556 works perfectly. Every component of the watch is correct for 1970: fluted bezel, silver no lume TswissT diamond dial, caliber 1556 numbered “DD”, caseback signed 1803, twinlock crown, “Rivetti” bracelet with correct 76 end links and a little earlier clasp.

Year 1970, Serial Number 2,575,XXX, Diameter 36m.


In 1956, Rolex introduced one of its most successful and beloved watches ever: the DAY-DATE, the first automatic, waterproof wristwatch to indicate both the date and the day of the week. This innovation marked a significant milestone in watchmaking history, as the Day-Date was the first watch to display the date at three o’clock and the day of the week at twelve o’clock. This unique combination quickly became a hallmark of luxury and precision, solidifying the Day-Date’s status as a prestigious timepiece. Over the years, Rolex has offered many aesthetic variants of the Day-Date, each identified by a different reference number. These references typically correspond to specific design elements, particularly the finish of the bezel. Among these variants, the reference 1803 stands out due to its distinctive fluted bezel.

The present Rolex Day-Date is an incredibly charming and glamorous reference 1803, featuring a mix of very rare details that make this watch stand out among other similar models. First of all, the rare diamond dial is simply stunning, showing virtually no signs of aging—it’s essentially perfect. The tritium plots have aged beautifully to a nice orangish tone, perfectly matching the handset and creating a superb vintage patina.
Additionally, the dial bears the “Sigma” marking, which is typical of a certain production period of Rolex and correct for this watch. Sigma dials were produced for a short period at the beginning of the 1970s, indicating that the indexes were in white gold. In this case, the base of the diamond-set indexes is indeed white gold.
The watch’s case is most likely unpolished and in perfect condition, further enhancing its desirability. It also comes with a fabulous D’Agosto bracelet. Manufactured in Argentina under Rolex authorization, the D’Agosto bracelets are exceptionally rare. Even more remarkable is that the D’Agosto bracelet matches the case, as it features the gold squared marking “C”. The overall condition of this watch is truly incredible. All components are correct for its year of manufacture: the Sigma dial, the D’Agosto bracelet, the 1556 caliber, and the 1803 case back.

Year 1974, Serial Number 3,809,XXX , Diameter 36mm.


The Rolex Date was a strong alternative to the classic Rolex Datejust. The Rolex Date reference 1501, like the present specimen, was introduced in the 1960s. It is a classic and elegant timepiece, designed for those who appreciate understated sophistication. The watch typically features the automatic Caliber 1570 or 1565 movement, known for its reliability and precision. The reference 1501 is characterized by its date complication and 34mm case, which is slightly smaller than the more popular Datejust models. The Date was also more affordable, allowing it to reach a wider audience and become one of the best-selling Rolex watches of all time. This size makes it a great option for those with smaller wrists or those who prefer a more vintage, modestly sized watch. Today, vintage Date models are still highly appreciated by collectors, especially when the watch is in such exceptional condition as the present specimen in New Old Stock condition.

The present Rolex Date reference 1501 is an exceptionally well-preserved example in new old stock condition. The case remains untouched, as does the bracelet, showing no signs of stretching or polishing. The rare blue dial is pristine, with no indications of hand dismounting or dial removal. The tritium on the hands and dial has gracefully aged to a warm yellowish tone, enhancing the overall patina. The original 1501 sticker still adorns the caseback, further attesting to the watch’s exceptional new old stock condition. Every component is correct for its year of manufacture: TswissT blue tritium dial, bezel, caliber, and 78360/557/VE bracelet. This Date model is not your usual find; it’s an almost uniquely preserved piece suitable for inclusion in a serious vintage Rolex collection, akin to a museum-worthy artifact.

Serial Number 6,208,XXX, Year 1980, Diameter 34mm.


Alain Silberstein is a renowned watch brand founded by French designer Alain Silberstein in 1986. Known for its avant-garde designs, the brand stands out with its bold use of primary colors, geometric shapes, and whimsical elements. Silberstein, originally an interior designer, brought a fresh and artistic perspective to watchmaking. The watches are easily recognizable due to their vibrant red, blue, and yellow hands, as well as unique case designs. Despite their playful appearance, they are crafted with high-quality Swiss-made movements and meticulous attention to detail. Notable models, such as the Krono Bauhaus, exemplify the brand’s fusion of Bauhaus principles with Silberstein’s artistic vision. Today, Alain Silberstein watches are highly sought after by collectors who appreciate their distinctive style and artistic heritage.

The present Alain Silberstein watch exemplifies the watchmaker’s creativity and desire to explore new design boundaries. This model, called RONDO KRONO, features a “Disco Volante – Flying Saucer” case with hidden lugs, reminiscent of watches from the early 1900s. The design’s extravagance is further enhanced by the typical Alain Silberstein dial, chronograph sub-dials, handset, and pusher design. The color scheme ranges from blue to red and yellow, with geometric figures creating a visually pleasing layout. The watch includes a chronograph and a date complication with sweep seconds at 6, illustrated by a smiley triangular face, adding another touch of Silberstein’s creativity. It is powered by a Frederique Piquet calibre 1185, as stated on the caseback. This watch was produced in a limited series of 500 pieces in the early 2000s. Its overall condition is exceptional, having been worn with care and likely never polished.

Limited edition XXX/500 , 42mm diameter, early 2000’s.


Introduced in 1988, the Rolex Daytona reference 16520 is considered by many Rolex enthusiasts to be one of the most successful watches in history. As soon as it was introduced, it immediately became a must-have for collectors of the brand and, as is the case today with the modern reference 116500LN, the wait to get it from the Official Dealers was very long and many were willing to pay a premium to own it immediately. With a completely new esthetic compared to the previous Daytona references 6263/6265 and equipped with innovative technical features such as the Zenith-based automatic caliber 4030, the reference 16520 is undoubtedly one of the most successful and sought-after Rolex watches among the brand’s fans. The most sought-after examples are undoubtedly the very first manufactured featuring the white “Porcelain” dial like the present specimen.

This Rolex Daytona reference 16520 is a superb specimen that stands out for its perfect condition. The case is in exceptionally preserved, the bracelet is tight, the dial is absolutely flawless in every way, the bezel has all numerals intact, the movement works perfectly. Even the original sticker is still present on the caseback. The attractiveness of this specimen is further emphasized by the extremely rare “Porcelain” dial, which makes the watch a true grail for any Daytona collector. All components of the watch are correct for the period of production: white Mk1 “Porcelain” tritium dial, Mk1 bezel, 16500 signed caseback, 4030 ser. 10,XXX caliber, 78360 / 503 / M5 bracelet.

The watch comes with Rolex original box and Guarantee.

Serial Number R,782,XXX, Year 1989.