MICRO - Royal Vacheron Constantin

The history of Vacheron Constantin narrated throughout a portfolio of 50 artistic images, capable by themselves to portray the design, the originality and the great attention to detail of the renowned Geneva-based Watch Manufacturer. A collection of auteur photographs printed in high-end definition, presented in a precious and unique portfolio, destined to the great Vacheron Constantin collectors and enthusiasts.

A Different Approach – by Roberto Caso

The watch production of VACHERON CONSTANTIN offers a broad variety in terms of design and structural techniques, but jointly centred on quality and originality. I had the chance to share some extraordinary timepieces with collectors and enthusiasts, and this opportunity shaped up the idea to transform this great legacy of emotions and knowledge into something different and avant-garde, yet real and tangible at the same time.

To publish a traditionally conceived book might have been the most obvious and natural choice, but also the most predictable and expected one. Conversely, I wanted something radically different. My goal was to push the boundaries and take the editorial project to the next level. I wanted that “my” Vacheron Constantin timepieces would not lose their uniqueness, their appeal and their physicality. Hence, I turned to the only team capable of “feeling” the beating heart of high-end horology: the team of Pucci Papaleo.

Initially, the first shootings were focused on discovering oddities and peculiarities, but in the end we have become aware that one single big photograph could by itself be able to celebrate these artworks made of gold, steel and enamels.

The extraordinary photographer Fabio Santinelli was the only one who could have ever undertaken this journey to Neverland. A man able to read into the material, and choose the long and difficult road made of lights, reflections and shades.

The result being a one of a kind collection of 50 auteur photographs, where every single Vacheron Constantin plays a starring role yet at the same time represents the tiny essential tile of a big mosaic.

All this involved hours, days, months, test proofs, comparisons, and debates. We therefore decided to take a different approach, which up to now has never been explored before in watchmaking: a portfolio. An outstanding photographic gallery dressed in a minimalist livery signed by Pucci Papaleo, whilst Paolo Gobbi curated the texts, including an emotional history of the Manufacturer, and Naomi Ornstein, as general coordinator as well as in charge of the English version.

This pursuit for uniqueness shaped up a Portfolio series released in two different formats. “MACRO – Portfolio of Images Taken from Royal Vacheron Constantin”: a massive tome featuring a 50cmx60cm format, weighing nearly 20 kilos – leather bookstand and case included. Printed in a limited edition of only 7 copies, the book showcases 50 Vacheron Constantin timepieces; the 9-colour print exhibits a quality and a definition that goes above and beyond photography. The result is quite impossible to express in words: extraordinary, unique and highly realistic colours, where the blues are blue, the yellows are yellow, the gold metals glow more than ever and steel metals seem ready to defy the challenges of deep sea diving.

However, I thought it was right to share the project, the efforts and the horological beauty with the rest of the world. We thus decided to realise a more handy version. MICRO, an identical twin book published in a 25cmx35cm format version and printed in a superlative digital quality. “MICRO - Portfolio of Images Taken from Royal Vacheron Constantin” is a unique book indeed. Entirely hand bound with an embossed leather book cover. The photographs portray the history of fine watchmaking, the sense of creativity, the telling of time that morphs into pure art. An edition that will meet the expectations of even the most discerning collectors. What else? The making of this book has captivated me body and soul, and it is truly a thrill to share it with all those who – just like me – love this world.

“MICRO - Portfolio of Images Taken from Royal Vacheron Constantin”

Project by Pucci Papaleo
124 pages
25cmx35cm Format
Digital Printing in high-end resolution
Leather bound
Price 399 euro
50 original photographs realized by Fabio Santinelli – f2f studio
Texts Paolo Gobbi
English Version Naomi Ornstein
Graphic art Enrico De Antoni
Editorial consultant Roberto Caso
Prepress imaginfi Gino La Bella
Technical advisor Damiano Ferri
Stampa Graphicscalve SpA
Bookbinder Legatoria Rigoldi
Marketing manager Fulvio Nobile

Pucci Papaleo Editore
Via del Fagutale 2A
00184 Roma - Italia
Tel. (+39) 06 4744456

€ 399 - Tax and Shipping included