Why buy from us

Authenticity and guarantee.

Our main business is buying and selling pre-owned and vintage watches.
We guarantee the originality of all our watches. We do not buy or sell fake,
counterfeit, replica or suspect bags and watches that we cannot guarantee beyond
any shadow of a doubt, all of our items are 100% authentic. Every
watch has been thoroughly examined for authenticity, mechanical and aesthetic
condition and checked by the strict enforcement of laws on the sale of used goods
to make sure it is not stolen. We offer a one-year guarantee from the date of sale.
This guarantee warrants the correct functioning of the watch, as it should when
leaving the factory. We don´t offer any waterproof guarantee in our watches.

Buying as an investment.

Investing in vintage collectible watches have proven to be one of the best modes
of investment for the passionate watch collectors. The fact that watch values have
been on an upward trajectory for the past 25 years and that the watch market
is not correlated with the movement of securities makes clear to investors that
watches can earn solid returns. An expert’s assessment is essential before making
a purchase. Like any specialized field, using the services of an expert will minimize
the risks of buying or investing in fine watches.
We are exclusively specialised in vintage and rare wristwatches. We do not restore
the dials of vintage watches, nor do we heavily polish the cases. As with old
furniture and motor-cars, original finish is pre-eminent.
We sometimes pay profits on previously sold pieces increasing the faith in wrist
watch collecting. We are always willing to take back pieces we have previously sold
and if a loss is to occur, it is rarely more than 20% of the previously sold price.